How did you get started in interior design and styling?

I started my design life in the world of luxury exhibitions. Working for Quintessentially, I created experiential feature spaces showcasing luxury fashion and homeware that were all British made. My remit was to keep visitors intrigued, engaged and inspired. I’ve always had a love of colour and texture, so interior design and styling seemed like a natural progression to make my creations more permanent.

How would you describe your interior design style?

My motto is ‘Inspiration not trends’ and it’s something I consistently standby. My style is inspired by my clients and the way they live, by the unusual items I find in their homes and working out where to place them for maximum impact. I’m a huge lover of fresh, clean spaces with simple lines, paired with intriguing patterns that give an unexpected twist. European colour plays a huge part – I find lemon and pale blues utterly delicious and often use a pinch of these in detailing.

Vibrant & Inviting

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I feel that inspiration is something you collect, much like stamps! I have a colour book that I started when living in Spain 10 years ago – I’ve collected bottle tops, magazine adverts, driftwood chips and shells… anything that intrigued me went into the book with a brief explanation as to why it deserved its place. For me, villages on islands like Mallorca and Sardinia are just so authentic with all the local craftsmanship that contributes to their charm – it’s the infectious enthusiasm for simple design that’s so enchanting. It all forms part of my design process.

Port Grimaud huge part of my inspiration

How does lighting play a part in your work?

Lighting is usually my starting point. I believe it should amaze and draw your attention in order to attract the right atmosphere, depending on the feeling you’re trying to convey. It’s a critical element in achieving a night-to-day transformation and therefore creating a space that can be used for eating, work, sleep or play.

Yew Tree

Which recent project(s) are you particularly proud of?

‘Yew Tree House’, which is a project in Surrey due for completion towards the end of the year. It’s been a journey through every era of design, working with my clients to achieve a sleek and modern aesthetic in their renovated home with a touch of warmth and humility. I’ve been looking at mainly natural finishes, with flashes of high-quality hybrid materials, and working with the client’s values on sustainability and emphasizing this in the overall concept. The aim is to get it finished in time for Christmas drinks.

Do you have a particular favorite corner or room (in your home or anywhere) that you feel is ‘all your own’? Or do you have any tips for creating a ‘cosy’ space?

I’m definitely a self-confessed serial re-decorator! I’m often found with a paintbrush in hand whilst also preparing the children’s dinner. However, I do love our living room at the front of our home – that is my little piece of Europe. We have a huge bay window with full height glazing, and the sun streams through in the late afternoon, bounces off the vintage mirrors and illuminates the room. It makes this room warm and inviting.

Top tips:Flank your cozy corner with identical lamps this will create an eye-catching feature and anchor the space each time you enter the room.

• Cozy is a feeling so ensure your lighting can be controlled with dimmer switches and use bulbs in warm colours.

Wisteria lamp by Pooky

Finally, do you have a favorite Pooky light, why that one?)

All of them! But if I had to had to choose it would be the Wisteria glass table lamps. They are so effortlessly chic, classically timeless and, for me, the hero piece in any design.

  Check out Pookys collection! https://www.pooky.com/inspiration/we-love-interiors/meet-the-interior-designer-emma-merry