With winter just around the corner, everyone looks forward to coming in, shutting the front door and cosying down to a warm fire and comfort food. So, my first issue with the above scenario was my front door. Our wonderfully glorious hot summer had effectively created a sort of chemical peel on the paintwork of my original 1930s solid wood door. It was in desperate need of some TLC. Firstly, I feel the need to set the scene. We live in deepest Surrey, where a hot pink front door would not only look out of place in our street, but also not in keeping with the red brick of our 1930s home.

I wanted to create something that was reminiscent of Surrey colours yet had a 2018 vibe. That’s when I discovered the new Little Greene National Trust range at Decorex. “This could be too good to be true” I thought.

Inspiration from Decorex

I needed a shade that would amplify the original stained glass windows and work with the aged brass door furniture, however I am personally over sage green! Armed with two sample pots, interestingly named, ‘Goblin’ and ‘HoHo’ (obviously the creative team has a sense of humour) we started to paint up a section of the door.

Now when using tester pots it’s always difficult to get a true sense of the colour and admittedly it did look different after two coats and a good 24 hours to dry. I kept opening the door at different times of the day to see which one jumped out at me and it was Goblin (not literally) which I subsequently found out is a highlighter if used next to red brick work…who knew?

Goblin 311 was my colour of choice and I wanted to see how Little Greene arrived at such a name. The story goes that Mr Charles Wade was a collector of all things design and colour, so much so, his collection ranged to the dizzy heights of 22,000 items and he subsequently had to live in the garden cottage to make way for the artifacts. Also a well know practical joker, he would often be heard laughing like a goblin by Mrs Grahame Green.

Little Green Intelligent Exterior Eggshell 2.5l

Now it was just time to wait patiently for a relatively warm breezy day, which as luck would have it, was just around the corner. So I set about rubbing and filling the door in anticipation. The day arrived all to quickly and before I knew it the first coat was complete in just under an hour, then 16 hours drying time came and went and coat number two went on, sadly the weather wasn’t so generous, but the consistency and texture of the paint made it an absolute pleasure and again super speedy.

And voila! Within seven days I had researched and chosen that paint, rubbed down and filled, and twice painted the door. I used only half a 2.5ml tin of intelligent exterior eggshell Goblin 311 on my front door and now I’m considering using the remainder on my side gate to finish the look.

I think Goblin is a fitting choice for a house full of boys under the age of 10 with cheeky smiles and pockets full of practical jokes!

Thank you Little Greene for gifting the paint. Sponsored post.

For more information on the National trust inspired green range head over to

All photography was undertaken by myself using the Pen