Well you’ve clicked through this far so you most defiantly must be investigating bathroom lighting if so reed on if not go back 3 clicks and you should hit ASOS.

When looking at bathroom lighting the first thing to consider is when you will be using the bathroom, odds are it will be dark or poor natural light as the bathroom is a morning or evening kinda arrangement.

Consider the following;

1: Does it benefit from the natural light ? Is the natural light obstructed by trees etc ?

2: Where will you need a “doing light”? this needs to be positioned by the mirror for applying makeup, shaving anything need precision.

3: Always add a dimmer switch to the circuit for the overhead lights so you can moderate the light when you want to create a relaxing atmosphere.

No matter the size of your bathroom, multiple lights will always enhance the space. A combination of downlights, wall lighting, accent spotlights, and recessed lighting will create practical lighting for day-to-day tasks, low-level ambient light, and illumination at night.

For me I always consider in equal parts wall mounted lighting close to the mirror  & downlights.

Wall mounted to illuminate areas where you need good visibility, such as by the mirror or around the basin. Perfectly placed wall lighting will prevent eye strain and improve your ability to see when applying makeup or shaving. Mount wall lights at eye level either side of a mirror to avoid shadows.

Downlights provide ambient light with a comfortable level of brightness. I tend to position them around the sides of the room instead of the middle to avoid shadows, and use them to enhance features such as a statement wallpaper or a towel radiator…

Here come’s the dos & don’ts……….Don’t fit a downlight directly above a basin & wall mirror, as this will throw a huge ugly light on to your forehead and cast shadows below the eyes, nose…. We’ve all been in those hotel bathrooms that make us look starved of life an no matter how much makeup we apply mothering changes, my advice would be Consider a chandelier/ or ceiling pendant for a high-ceilinged bathroom.

Id love to hear from you with all your bathtroom light dilemas, message me today. x